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So with Froyo, Android Nexus One can tether on AT&T and iPhone still can't?

Android 2.2 Froyo updates started going live yesterday for the unsubsidized, unlocked, once-upon-a-time sold directly by Google Nexus One, and it seems to include not only tethering but mobile hotspot (think MiFi, or mobile Wi-Fi router to share your 3G with multiple other devices), usable right now on AT&T -- just about the only carrier in the world that doesn't allow iPhone tethering.

Sure, AT&T is likely running tens of millions of iPhones and only a relative handful of Nexus Ones, but that's not the point. Apple introduced seamless, elegant tethering in iPhone OS 3.0 in June 2009, and while it looks like US iPhone users may finally get it in iPhone OS 4 in June 2010, that's a year after the rest of the world and now -- it's even after Android.

The iPhone is popular, we get it. AT&T's network probably couldn't handle that many people trying to use their "unlimited" plans on tethered devices, we have no doubt. The situations are completely different, we grant the point.

But it's so beyond ridiculous now that it can't -- and shouldn't -- escape mention.

(We'll also note for the record we don't know how long this will last, as AT&T may figure out a way to block it on unlocked devices and carrier-branded devices may remove it entirely or just bolt on a surcharge).

Video after the break.

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Bump now shares contacts between iPhone, Android

Longtime iPhone app Bump will now not only let you knock contacts between iPhones, but share with Android friends as well.

Our good buddy Phil Nickinson, General Grievous of the Android Central army, got some video at Google I/O, so check it out after the jump and let us know -- blissful cross-compatible future or cats and dogs living together?

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Android tablet shown off running (and crashing) Flash

An Android-based tablet was captured on video running Flash -- or should we say trying to run Flash -- before it crashes:


blockquote>"Here's a quick and dirty hands-on video review of the Android multi-touch tablet prototype (Android ipad). Yes, it does Adobe flash and air well."

Ironically, you can hear the cameraman boast how he's happy he did not purchase an iPad just as he goes to YouTube and the tablet crashes.

(For the record, after watching this video I am perfectly content with my iPad purchase.)

In fairness, this is beta software on a beta device, and it will no doubt improve as they throw time, money, and hardware at it. Then again, it's 2010 and Apple's had YouTube on the iPhone since 2007, and now have it on the iPad (running cool to the touch with 10 hours of battery life).

Is Adobe proving Steve Jobs right?

Video after the break!

[Daring Fireball]

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Microsoft says Android violates its patents as well, HTC pays up

Apple has sued HTC for patent infringement with Android almost certainly being the target, now it turns out Microsoft believes Android also infringes on their patents and HTC has just paid up.

That means the free-as-in-Google smartphone OS isn't free anymore -- it's just Microsoft who's getting the money for it, and from the maker of the Nexus One, Desire, Legend, and Droid Incredible no less. That hurts Android.

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Android running on iPhone - Yeahbuwhat?!

Android running on iPhone -- is there anything the elite iPhone jailbreak hackers can't do? Still slow to (dual-)boot and awkward given the iPhone's lack of physical buttons, but it's there in all it's gory glory.

Depending on you tastes, this is either awesome beyond belief or yet another sign of the applepocalypse, check out the video after the break and let us know!

[Linux on the iPhone, thanks for the tip Chris!]

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iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) vs Droid Incredible vs EVO 4G vs Nexus One spec showdown!

Yes, it's completely useless and quasi pornographic to compare prototype and rumored specs for unannounced, unfinished devices like the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) with specs from real, announced, and shipping or shipped devices like the Verizon Droid Incredible, Sprint EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One. But it's damn fun.

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Steve Jobs: want porn, go to Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is once again hitting the send button and lighting the internet on fire, this time telling someone who would prefer parental controls over outright bans that if he wants porn, he can go Android. (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

The email from Matthew Browing, who also expressed concern over the initial rejection of Mark Fiore's political satire app:

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Verizon Android Incredible vs iPhone

Our sibling site Android Central has just published a full review of the Verizon Droid Incredible -- the latest Google superphone Android competition to the iPhone. (And yes, it does seem like they're coming more than once a month now -- we feel bad for Phil!).

It's pretty much a gussied-up Nexus One with Sense UI, which you'd think would make it a Desire but it bumps a few specs (like an 8mp camera with dual LED flash) and a CDMA radio (which the Nexus One was supposed to do but hasn't yet, and the iPhone keeps being rumored to do but hasn't yet either).

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Why the iPhone didn't support Flash in 2007

Why didn't Apple support Adobe's popular Flash plugin way back in 2007 when it first launched the original iPhone 2G? Because Adobe still can't get it to run on the most powerful, most modern 2010 devices Android, Palm and others have to offer. That's why.

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Google readying Android gPad tablet to compete with iPad

Google CEO Eric Schmidt schmoozed some news about the next business of Apple's they're about to get all up in -- an Android-based tablet competitor for the iPad. As reported in the New York Times :

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