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Apple Vs Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung jury foreman speaks

Vel Hogan, the jury foreman in the U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent case, spoke to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television following the $1 billion dollar verdict in Apple's favor.

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These are the Samsung phones Apple wants banned in the U.S...

Looks like Apple isn't wasting any time listing the Samsung Android phones they'd like to have banned in the U.S. following their $1 billion win last week. And that's a good thing, because a lot of these phones look so old they're probably not being sold much if at all anymore, so the faster they're not sold, the better... right?

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Samsung executive says $1 billion verdict was the worst case scenario, Google says it was more Samsung than Android

In the matter of Apple's $1 billion verdict over Samsung, we've already had two separate, yet equally important PR statements. Since then, a Samsung executive has said it's their worst case scenario, and Google, not surprisingly, has tried to keep Android well away from the fallout.

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Editor's desk: Forumed, friendless, and fined

This week was a blur punctuated by something neither tragic nor triumphant. Part gut check, part gut punch. So let's spin up the FTL drives and jump right to it...

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Mobile Nations 18: Apple vs. Samsung special verdict edition

Phil Nickinson of Android Central and Rene Ritchie of iMore talk Apple vs. Samsung and the U.S. court verdict that saw Apple awarded over $1 billion in damages. This is a Mobile Nations special!

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Apple vs. Samsung juror: Knew after first day that Samsung had wronged Apple

Manuel Ilagan, one of the jurors in the landmark U.S. Apple vs. Samsung trial, which resulted in a sweeping $1 billion victory for Apple yesterday, has revealed that they, the jury, knew after the first day that Samsung had wronged Apple.

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Poll: What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?

What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?

That's it. We're done. Apple vs. Samsung has been exhausting and now that the jury has had it's say, awarding Apple some $1.05 billion in damages, it's time for you to have yours. We're leaving the comments wide open, handing you the mic, and slowly backing away from the internet for the night.

Did the jury reach the right decision? Did they get it totally wrong? Does copying kill innovation? Does litigation and a patent system gone haywire? Should Samsung have won on some counts as well? Should Apple have lost on their counts too? Or could you really care less at this point?

Vote in the poll up top and let loose in the comments below. Ducks and runs

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Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly addresses Apple employees following $1 billion Samsung verdict

Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly sent out an email to Apple employees, sharing his thoughts on today's massive $1 billion victory against partner/rival.

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Apple, Samsung comment on $1 billion U.S jury verdict

Both Apple and Samsung have issued statements following the massive U.S. jury verdict earlier which saw Apple awarded just under $1.05 BILLION in damages, and Samsung awarded nothing.

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Apple vs Samsung verdict: Jury finds predominantly for Apple, orders Samsung to pay over $1 billion in damages

The jury has reached a verdict in the U.S. Apple vs. Samsung trial and based on numerous reports, it looks like Apple has scored a significant victory. Both The Verge and CNET have been live-blogging the event, and in broad-strokes, it seems like none of Apple's patents were ruled invalid. Samsung was found to be infringing Apple's design and utility patents, and to have diluted Apple's trade dress. Apple was not found to be infringing any of Samsung's patents, and further found that Samsung was abusing standards-essential patents. Not all Samsung devices were found to infringe all Apple patents, but it sounds like a majority of them were.

Apple was ordered to pay Samsung absolutely no damages. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion.

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