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Poll: What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?

What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?

That's it. We're done. Apple vs. Samsung has been exhausting and now that the jury has had it's say, awarding Apple some $1.05 billion in damages, it's time for you to have yours. We're leaving the comments wide open, handing you the mic, and slowly backing away from the internet for the night.

Did the jury reach the right decision? Did they get it totally wrong? Does copying kill innovation? Does litigation and a patent system gone haywire? Should Samsung have won on some counts as well? Should Apple have lost on their counts too? Or could you really care less at this point?

Vote in the poll up top and let loose in the comments below. Ducks and runs

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What's the worst gadget you've ever bought?

What's the worst device, accessory, or miscellaneous piece of technology you've ever had the misfortune to use? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said the Android-powered HTC Thunderbolt phone was one of the worst gadgets he'd ever bought. Given that Woz probably buys all the gadgets, that's quite a condemnation. How about you?

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What if Google had never made Android: how would iOS 6 be different today, and who would be Apple's biggest competitor?

The title really does say it all -- if Google had never gone ahead with Android and, instead, if they'd maintained their close relationship with Apple, what would iOS 6 be like today? Would Google Maps still be there, and would it be as good as Google Maps on Android is? Would YouTube still be there, and be as good as YouTube on Android? What other services might have been integrated, GTalk instead of iMessage? Google sync instead of iCloud? Would the iPhone 5 ship with NFC-powered Google Wallet? Would the iPad mini come with 20 GB of free space on Google Drive? How far and how deeply could the Apple and Google love affair have gone?

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Poll: What do you think of the supposed iPad mini design?

What do you think of the supposed iPad mini design?

So we thanks to a trio of reports from across the Apple-net tonight, we might just have some idea of what the iPad mini will look like. Nothing is confirmed until Apple shows it off on stage, of course, but if we're going to speculate we might as well do it right and ask you, the iMore nation, just what you think about this supposed iPad mini design?

If it's in between a 9.7 inch iPad and an iPod touch, does it make sense it's proportionately narrower than the current iPad but wider than the touch? And that the bezel isn't as wide as the current iPad, but still wider than the iPod touch? How about it being as thin as the iPod touch? Is there such a thing as too thin?

You know the drill -- vote in the poll up top and then give me your insight in the comments below. iMore nation, is this the iPad mini you're looking for?

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What's the best iPhone app you ever bought?

During a recent iMore show, I was asked to name the best iPhone app I ever bought and it really made me stop and think. When you take free apps out of the equation, and you start to consider what gave you the most enjoyment or stress-relief, or provided the greatest value to your education or business, or made the time you spent with your loved ones, traveling or at home, just that much more special -- when you consider what gave you the most value for your money, it really can be hard to choose just one.

But that's what I'm asking you to do!

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Poll: How do you access YouTube on your iPhone and iPad now?

How do you access YouTube on your iPhone and iPad now?

Since it looks like Apple's YouTube app is going the way of the Dodo with IOS 6, and we'll all be left to use's mobile site to get our video fixes until Google can put out a YouTube app of their own, I started wondering how many of us use the YouTube app to begin with?

Do you use the current YouTube app a lot and does this move upset you? Did you long ago switch to the more feature-rich if not always as natively functional site, so you're good? Or do you simply not use YouTube?

Vote in the poll above, comment in the comments below, and let me know -- how big a deal is Apple dumping the built-in YouTube app on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?

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Which missing features do you most want Apple to add to iOS?

Shortly before WWDC 2012 and the unveiling of iOS 6, Rene wrote a monumental article on the "higher hanging fruit" that Apple could still add to the iPhone and iPad to make them more competitive. Sure, iOS isn't for geeks, but that doesn't mean Apple can't show the geeks some love! I for one wish they'd added a few of the things on his list!

Since WPCentral is asking what users want on Windows Phone, I figured I'd ask if anyone here at iMore feels like I do -- that Apple could give us more! How about you?

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Poll: What will Apple call the next iPhone?

What will Apple call the next iPhone?

The next iPhone is reportedly coming on September 12, so what will Apple call it? For the last two years, Apple has used iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S respectively, so does that mean iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is next? Apple's internal model number is iPhone 5,1, and the next number after 4 (and 4S) is 5, so could Apple just keep on counting?

Maybe Apple isn't done with 4 yet. Could last year's iPhone 4S become this year's iPhone 4GS with 4G as in LTE? Or could they drop the number and go back to radios like they did with the iPhone 3G, and just call it the iPhone LTE? Are there enough LTE markets to even justify that yet?

They could decide to skip the fives entirely and go straight to 6. It will be the 6th version of the iPhone sold, after all.

Or they could just take a page from Sprint's Android handbook and call it the iPhone 4S II, Epic 4G LTE Touch. Though that probably wouldn't fit on the usual box...

How about "the new iPhone" or just "iPhone"? Sure they'll have to do iPhone (6th Generation) or iPhone (2012) for tech support and store orders, but that's exactly what they've been doing with Macs for years, and started to do with the new iPad back in March. Then they could do "the new new iPhone" next year, reduce the price of this one, and sell it as "the old new iPhone". I kid. Really. Because those names return such productive search results...

You know the drill! Answer the poll up top and then tell me why you picked the name you did in the comments below!

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Poll: How important is one-handed ease of use to you on the iPhone?

How important is one-handed ease of use to you on the iPhone?

Let's keep this one short and sweet -- on the iMore Show tonight I argued with Rene and Seth about how big the next iPhone screen should be.

Rene doesn't want it much bigger than 4-inches so he can reach all the corners with his thumb and use the iPhone single handily when he needs to. Seth was in the middle, willing to deal with an iPhone that was over 4-inches but not by too much. Me, I want the biggest screen Apple can put on an iPhone without making it a phablet (yeah, I said it!) My hands are already too small to reach every corner on an iPhone today, and I don't mind one bit that I have to use a second hand to do certain things at certain times.

I also want the same 3:2 aspect ratio to remain the same. I realize that's not likely to happen with the 16:9 rumors running rampant, but I don't just want more pixels on a screen with the same density. I want a bigger screen so I can see it more easily too.

Apple will do what Apple will do, but what about you? If you could have it your way, how important is one-handed ease of use to you compared to the benefits of a bigger screen? Vote up top and give me the reasons why below!

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Poll: How many of your friends and family use iMessage?

How many of your friends and family use iMessage?

Apple shocked a lot of us back in 2010 when they announced iMessage, probably none more than the carriers who for years changed an absolutely obscene amount of money to send short text messages to and fro. When Apple made iMessage free (except for the data change, if you were on cellular) that carrier gouging was put to an end -- presuming everyone you texted used iOS. But is that the case? Do enough of your friends, family, colleagues, and contacts use iMessage to really put the kibosh on SMS?

For me it's still a very mixed bag. Some of my friends use iPhones, so iMessage is easy. Many of my family and the people I work with still don't even use smartphones, let alone iPhones, so iMessage is a non-starter. Also, with the just-released OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has brought iMessage back to the Mac, and you can quickly send and receive texts, pictures, locations, and contacts right on your computer. It's really fast, but it's also messy. Right now my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air are all in a constant race to see which can beep and buzz first and most often.

iOS 6 promises to make some things better, letting us combine our phone numbers and Apple IDs, so at least we won't have to wonder which message is going to which device any more.

But that still leaves us stuck on the old SMS system for all our Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and other non-iOS or OS X using friends and family, with no real future in sight. (Because the odds of Apple creating iMessage clients for those platforms are about the same as the odds of them putting a keyboard and kickstand on the next iPhone...)

So given all that, when you're typing away on Messages all day, are most of the ones you send and receive good old iMessage blue, or cold hard carrier cash green? Do most of the people you text with have iMessage, or do most of them not? Hit the poll up top and then give me the details in the comments below!

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