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FAQ: What you need to know about the death of ad-supported iTunes Radio

Ad-supported iTunes Radio stations are no more. Here's everything you need to know about the switch.

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Apple has finally terminated the free iTunes Radio service

Apple has made some changes to iTunes Radio, bundling the collection of channels into Apple Music. Should you wish to tune in and enjoy some music through the feature, you'll now need to have an active Apple Music subscription.

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Apple is doing away with free iTunes Radio stations on January 29

In an email to users, Apple has announced that it is doing away with the free, ad-support iTunes Radio stations, leaving Beats 1 as its only remaining free radio offering.

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How to create, personalize, and find your Apple Music radio stations

Beats 1 is just one part of Apple Music's radio experience: You can also create, listen to, and personalize semi-automated radio stations to your heart's content. Here's how!

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Apple may include major iTunes Radio expansion during service's unveiling next week

Apple's long-rumored music service will reportedly make its debut next week at WWDC. The service will reportedly cost $10 per month, and feature a major expansion of Apple's iTunes Radio service.

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Apple may be in talks with Drake for an iTunes Radio guest DJ deal

New reports suggest that Apple may be working with Drake to sign a new deal. The deal would bring Drake on as an iTunes Radio guest DJ.

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Record labels may offer some songs for free in Apple's rumored music service

Apple's long-rumored music service could allow labels to offer a small selection of tracks to users for free, without the need to subscribe to the service.

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Best streaming music apps for iPhone

Picking a music streaming app on your iPhone isn't an easy job, and there isn't a one size fits all option.

Since most music streaming apps all require a paid subscription, it makes the choice even more stressful. What music streaming service you ultimately choose depends on what your musical tastes are, whether you prefer radio style streaming or on-demand, and lots of other factors. While we can't tell you what service is best for you, we can help you narrow down your choices. These are currently the music streaming services that we think offer a superior listening experience on the iPhone!

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How to view your iTunes Radio play history on iPhone and iPad

Ever heard a song on iTunes Radio that you later decided you wanted to purchase, but just couldn't remember what it was?

It happens to all of us from time to time. Luckily, the iTunes app on your iPhone and iPad keeps a running record of all the songs you've listened to via iTunes Radio. It even shows you which station you heard it on. You can also listen to live previews of each song with just a tap. You've just got to know where to look.

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Apple's streaming music plans may include a revamped iTunes Radio, exclusive albums

Apple's rumored music streaming plans may include a revamped iTunes Radio, as well as exclusive album launch deals for the upcoming service.

While a new report from The New York TImes largely focuses on a number of previously rumored details about Apple's streaming music plans, it does point to some new details in the form of a revamped iTunes Radio headed up by former BBC Radio DJ and recent Apple hire, Zane Lowe.

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