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AppleInsider's iPhone Gallery

AppleInsider has posted some really great shots (from behind the giant Bell glass display case) of the iPhone on display at MacWorld.


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Can Apple Penetrate the Enterprise Market?

Carl Weinschenk from ITBusinessEdge calls the iPhone a "Milestone in Business Mobility". But can Apple really lure corporate customers with what is clearly a consumer play? I don't see that happening. iPhone is, by design, an entertainment device...not a business oriented mobile productivity tool like the Treo or Blackberry. It would be nice to see the IT world embrace such a lavish smartphone, but it's going to take much more than style and software elegance to dislodge Blackberry.


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20 Things We Don't Know about iPhone

ComputerWorld has posted a list of top questions that remain unanswered about iPhone. Things like...oh, I don't know...whether it will be offered unlocked, or whether battery life will suck. I know these questions are certainly on my mind.

Read on.

Update: Mike Cane blogged a few questions of his own.

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Macworld iPhone Demo

Macworld attendees have been busy capturing the iPhone in video. One user posted a really good product demo given to attendees by Apple, which shows off more of the device's features in action. Nothing that we haven't already seen, just done by someone other than Jobs. Enjoy.

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CNN Video of iPhone Launch

Here's a YouTube video of CNN's blurb on the iPhone launch...

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Apple Unveils iPhone, Sparking Global Nerdgasm

Apple finally launched its much rumored mobile phone at MacWorld yesterday, immediately triggering a massive worldwide drool-fest among gadget freaks. While it has been widely known that Apple has had such a product secretly in development for at least two years now, the device itself remained shrouded in mystery. Some analysts speculated the device would prove to be nothing more than a relatively simple inexpensive iPod phone, while others expected more of a Blackberry style Smartphone, done in a sleeker package. Both camps got it wrong...and right. iPhone isn't what anyone really expected.

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Welcome to The iPhone Blog

Welcome to the launch of iPhone blog, the unofficial weblog for Apple iPhone enthusiasts. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed of all the latest news and info regarding iPhone, as it becomes available.

And register in the forums to post your comments and questions.

Stay tuned...

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