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Game Center for OSX to offer cross-platform gaming with iOS

One little gem for gamers at WWDC today is a new Game Center for OSX that will allow players to play with friends on iOS when games are available on both platforms. Combined with pixel-for-pixel mirroring that was also announced for the new version of Mountain Lion, this is going to be pretty sweet. The WWDC demo showed CSR Racing playing on an iPad against a MacBook.

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OSX Mountain Lion to host suite of new iOS-synced apps - WWDC 2012

Yet another big announcement from WWDC today is a whole bunch of new apps for OSX Mountain Lion that are synced over iCloud to their counterparts on iOS. They include Messages (with iMessage support), Reminders, Notes, and a new app called Documents to the Cloud. There's a developer SDK that will allow third parties to similarly tie their mobile apps to their desktop versions.

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OS X gets iOS-style Twitter integration, is this Apple's answer to social networking?

Among many other new features announced today for OS X Mountain Lion was Twitter integration, built right into many of the core Mac apps.

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iCloud gets properly integrated into the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion

Apple released a developer preview for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, and it finally makes the Mac an equal iCloud citizen, alongside the iPhone and iPad. Previously, iCloud could be enabled as a sync tool for OS X, and a way to re-download iTunes content, but versions of apps like iWork for Mac weren't updated to take advantage of Documents in the cloud.

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Messages beta for OS X brings iMessage to the Mac

Avoid carrier SMS and MMS charges and keep all your IMs in one place with iOS iMessage right on your Mac

If you have been waiting for Apple to release a version of iMessage for Mac then that day has just become a lot closer. After the release of the beta of OS X Mountain Lion earlier today, Apple has followed it up with the release of a beta version of its new Mac Messages app. Messages, which will replace the current iChat app, brings all of the great features of iMessage to your Mac while keeping many that made iChat great as well.

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WWDC 2011 Sold Out!

In less than a day, WWDC 2011 has completely sold out.

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference was announced earlier today, and is to take place from June 6th till June 10th at Moscone West.

Tickets went on sale for developers to go and see the future of iOS and OSX. In around 12 hours, all the tickets had completely sold out, which, compared with WWDC 2010 which took 8 days to sell out, is the fastest sell out time ever.

What are we going to see at this years WWDC? Any Developers lucky enough to get a ticket?

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Spotlight Feature Coming to iPhone? Oh Please Let it Be So!

Careful observation of one of Apple's presentation slides taken during last week's iPhone SDK event reveals a possible firmware 2.0 feature; SPOTLIGHT!In one slide depicting the Contacts list, a small search icon appears at the very top of the screen. Could this be Spotlight for iPhone? We'll see. It so, I know of many iPhone users who will dance through lawn sprinklers with glee, myself included.


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Apple Officially Unveils iPhone SDK, Enterprise Roadmap, Game Support, and Lots of Other Stuff

Months ago Apple made a promise to developers, committing to one day release an SDK and open the iPhone for platform development. Today it made good on its promise, and reaffirmed that old adage "good things come to those who wait".

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Lying Bastard: iPhone SDK Leak Site Exposed as Hoax, Sparking Waves of Angry "Sent from my iPhone" emails

Angry verbs and adjectives are flying from iRate iPhone users brewing over the revelation that a site claiming to have a leaked SDK and working in partnership with Apple, was in fact a hoax intended to generate traffic and a some laughs. It's getting lots of the former, but very little of the latter. The person behind the hoax site, Tiny Code, perpetrated this caper by posting what he alleged to be "leaked" information, then later pulled down the information, at the request (so he claimed) of Apple's attorneys, and even redirected the site domain to point to Apple's server.

In a forum post on MacRumors he confesses to his crime and then blames the blogosphere for picking up the story in the first place...

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MacWorld Review: iPhone Firmware Update 1.1.3 Makes Icons Dance, Lets You Find Yourself

As expected, Jobsy took center stage at San Francisco's Mascone Center, pouring glasses of Kool-Aid to a thirsty yet doe eyed audience. MacWorld, for those of you unfamiliar, is Apple's annual conference and keynote that is part State of the Union address, part infomercial, and part Renaissance Festival (minus the period costumes and jousting) all rolled into one. Jobs gave his usual PT Barnum performance with product announcements and demos to wow the crowd. This is MacWorld after all, so iPhone took a backseat to a major new product added the portable line, MacBook Air. More on that later.

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