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Vector 33: State of the Android (spring 2014)

Phil Nickinson of Android Central joins Rene to talk Galaxy S5 malaise, HTC's new One, Nokia X, Android as a platform, and how he handles 300+ phones on his desk. Seriously. Also: How the Android approach differs from Apple's!

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TiPb Responds to iPhone Reviews -- Smartphone Round Robin

Over the last 5 weeks of the 3rd Annual Smartphone Round Robin, the editors of our sibling sites, Casey from, Kevin from, Matt from, Dieter from, and Phil from have all had their chance to review TiPb's flagship iPhone 3GS. And we've just had to sit here and take it, the good and the bad, the raves and the rants. Well, it's week 6 now, baby, and TiPb gets to retort!

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Nexus One Video Review -- The Competition

I had a chance to use Dieter's Nexus One during CES 2010, and while I've shared my thoughts already, Android Central's Phil Nickinson has just put up a complete Nexus One video review of his own. While I am jealous at how often they (and he!) get new devices to play with, I'm not jealous at how much reviewing he has to do. Phew!

Check out his video, then come on back and tell us what you think -- how does the Nexus One measure up?

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iPhone from a Windows Phone User's Perspective -- Smartphone Round Robin

I'm an iPhone. Phil's a Windows Phone. But this week our good buddy from WMExperts is taking a look at TiPb's signature device, and to he's asking TiPb iPhone Forum members for their help in understanding Apple's integrated, iTunes-bound universe dent'er. And remember, every day you reply to that thread, you're entered for a chance to WIN AN iPHONE 3GS! ( has all your details!)

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Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile vs. iPhone 3G Safari -- Browser Battle

Our good friend Phil over at sibling site WMExperts got his geeky hands on Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile and did what any self-respecting editor would do -- took it one on one with the great one -- Safari. Well, technically Safari running on last year's slower hardware, the iPhone 3G (as opposed to the much faster iPhone 3GS), but it's not a final build of. The results?

Opera Mobile 10 beta isn't quite as good as Safari on iPhone 3G, but it's getting there. Again, not iPhone 3GS, but not a final build of

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #67 - Zune Invasion!

Join Rene, Chad, and special guest Phil Nickinson of WMExperts for iPod touch G3 vs. Zune HD, iPhone 3.1 and iTunes 9 redux, and all the week's news. Listen in!

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