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iTunes 10 Ping social music network gallery

iTunes 10 is slowly, painfully going live right now and if you manage to download it, you can set up Apple's new social music network, Ping. I've done that (you can find me here), and hooked it up with Facebook Connect, and...

Meh. Unless I'm missing something fairly major, it looks like only the Lady GaGa's of the world (i.e recording artists) can share status, pictures, and videos, and get comments. The rest of us can find and follow friends, share musical tastes and buy concert tickets, but not much else.

Anyone else trying it and liking it?

Gallery after the break!

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Apple introduces iTunes 10 with new icon, streamlined UI, Ping social network

iTunes 10 was shown off today during Apple's special music event and the big news is -- the CD is dead and a new icon is born. Okay, the real big news is a better, more streamlined user interface and the introducing of Ping, which Steve Jobs said is a social music network that blends aspects of Facebook and Twitter.

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