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What's on Richard's iPhone 6 right now!

Following on from other members of the iMore team, it's my turn again to talk about what I'm using on my new iPhone 6. Moving up from the 5s I decided to start afresh, no iCloud restores, just setting up as a new phone and downloading apps as and when I decided that I needed them. My 5s had become unwieldy. Far too many apps installed that I just wasn't using. So I used the upgrade to trim the fat and what's on there now is pretty much what I'm actually, regularly using.

Read on and I'll take you through it.

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What's on Richard's Mac dock right now!

Unlike my iPhone and iPad which are used a lot for leisure purposes besides work, my Mac is predominantly work focused. It's where I spend most of my working days and so many of the apps that reside on my dock are those which I use the most. I'm not one for overloading my Mac dock, so the apps that are on there are genuinely the ones I need the most throughout the day. So, following on from other members of the iMore team, here's what's on my Mac dock and why.

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What's on Richard's iPhone right now!

And so it comes back around to me, this time to guide you through what I use on my iPhone 5s. It's a little more tricky than when I talked iPad for one main reason. I use my iPhone a whole lot more and for much different reasons. If I told you about every single thing on my iPhone, we'd be here a very, very long time. You'd get bored.

That's because the majority of apps I try out – either for personal reasons or for my work here on iMore – are put onto my iPhone. Since it's always in my hand or my pocket it's a better device for this type of thing than my iPad. But, I do have a staple of apps which have a permanent home and which I use practically every day. So let's take a look at those, and my current choice of wallpaper.

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What's on Richard's iPad right now!

We spend a lot of time throughout the weeks talking about new, exciting and updated apps and games, but we don't often take the time out to share what we use on our own devices. The apps and games that we love and put to use in our own everyday lives. So, following from Rene, Ally and Peter's reports of what's on their devices, it's now my turn. Here's what's currently taking residence on my Retina iPad mini!

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Welcome to iMore... Richard Devine!

Richard Devine is no stranger to the Mobile Nations team, at least not for anyone who's been following his work over on Android Central for the last long while.

But now we've stolen him for iMore.

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