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SoundHound vs. Shazam: Which music identification service should you use?

Shazam is the biggest name in song identification apps, but SoundHound gets the job done better.

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Shazam — Everything you need to know!

Shazam keeps its newly redesigned app for iOS simple: Here’s everything you need to know!

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Shazam for iPhone and iPad gets tighter with Apple Music in latest update

Shazam for iPhone and iPad has snagged a fresh update, bringing a number of new integrations with Apple Music.

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Shazam snags 3D Touch support, integration with Spotlight search

Popular song identification app, Shazam, has been updated with support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus' 3D Touch feature, along with integration into Spotlight search.

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Free Spotify and Rdio users can now add tracks from Shazam to their playlists

Shazam has announced tighter integration with Rdio and Spotify, bringing the ability to add tracks from Shazam to playlists on both services for free users, as well as offering a 48-hour free trial to Rdio Unlimited for users who sign up within Shazam.

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Shazam adds Apple Music support ahead of the service's launch on June 30

Music identification app Shazam has added support for Apple Music before the service launches to the world next week.

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Shazam snags visual recognition for QR codes and images

Shazam has announced a new feature for its mobile app that adds visual recognition for QR codes and specific images.

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How to instantly turn your Shazam tags into an Rdio or Spotify playlist

If you subscribe to either Rdio or Spotify, you can instantly turn all the music you tag through Shazam into a playlist.

Tying your Rdio or Spotify account to Shazam not only creates that playlist for you, it lets you to listen to entire songs right inside the Shazam app as well! You have to have a paid subscription to either Spotify or Rdio in order for this to work. You won't be able to play full songs or listen on-demand if you don't. If you aren't sure about a subscription to either service, both offer free trials you can take advantage of first.

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How to identify what song is playing with Siri and Shazam

Siri now works hand in hand with Shazam, the popular music tagging service. That means, instead of rushing and stumbling to find the Shazam app when a great song comes on and you're desperate to identify it, you can simply have Siri do it for you!

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Shazam 8.2 gets more personal, now plays full playlists with Spotify and Rdio

Music identification app Shazam has received a major update today to version 8.2. It adds new features to the home screen of the app, a new way to play music, and deeper integration with Spotify and Rdio.

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