Tapbot was kind enough to give us a sneak-peak at Convertbot, their latest app, which converts units of power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, work, angle, area, currency, length, and mass with the same kind of fun, fantastic interface they brought to their previous app, Weightbot (see our interview).

Rotate the wheel, old-school iPod style, to pick your category, tap to lock in the first unit, confirm, tap to lock in the second unit, confirm that, and you're ready to go. (You can also tap the center button to change the direction of conversion at any time -- i.e., miles to km, km to miles).

Rather then the generic keypad, Convertbot drops down it's wheel to reveal a custom job, complete with backspace.

It's a simple application done with a lot of care and consideration. It's the kind of app we need more of. Full gallery after the break.

Convertbot is now available for $0.99 via the iTunes App Store.


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