If you have been missing that all-important video recorder functionality for your iPhone, look no further than Cycorder. Now before you get all excited let me first say the only way you will be able to get this app is to have a jailbroken phone along with Cydia.

Jay Freeman, the author of other jailbroken apps such as Cydia and Winterboard, released Cycorder. It does have ads, but I can assure they do not get in your way. Just keep in mind these ads are keeping this app free for all of us.

Cycorder's video is shockingly decent for a cell phone video recorder. Recording in .mov format, Cycorder gets anywhere from 7-15 frames per second. It did not support audio when it was first released, but it does now. An update has just been released and it finally supports audio, though this clip does not contain any.

To get Cycorder simply go into Cydia and you will see it on the "Featured Packages" list on the front page. Download and enjoy!

Video and screenshot, after the break!

[Thanks for the tip Art!]