Theater Consultants Collaborative or TCC helps its clients establish engineering specifications, plan infrastructure, and arrange interiors to accommodate lighting and sound systems, all in the name of theater. How do they do all of this work? Yes, you guessed it -- they use their iPads.

In meetings, TCC consultants can pull up information on iPad — documents, budgets, or architectural drawings — and hand the device around the room. “The physical size of the screen is a sweet spot between being very portable and light and yet big enough to allow you to see what you need,” says Kasefang. For example, the group recently worked on a 100-year-old theater restoration. At an early meeting, the client brought out a set of original blueprints that were literally falling apart. “iPad came to the rescue,” says Allen. “We were able to stand over the documents, take photos on iPad, pull those into Adobe Ideas, and literally mark up our ideas on top of the photos.” Meeting participants each took a turn sketching suggestions, and once everyone had contributed, TCC found the common ground.

Apple is featuring the TCC on their iPad in Business pages, and has produced a video which takes you through the day to day business of the TCC. It shows how each area of its business have been improved and made more efficient with the use of an iPad. Even down to the reduced amount of equipment a travelling consultant needs to carry around with them now.

“We find ourselves using iPad anywhere and everywhere in the theater,” says Allen. “From the control booth talking with a technician, to up on the catwalk testing a circuit, to climbing in tight spaces and on ladders, there are just so many things that iPad allows us to do in the theater and on a construction site.”

The iPad has really streamlined this particular business model especially with the plethora of top quality applications available to business. Apps like AutoCad WS for viewing and annotating drawings down to specific company apps for controlling lighting and sound systems. The iPad in business goes from strength to strength!

Source: Apple iPad in business