Can you turn off Exp Share in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Battle
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Battle (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

Can you turn off Exp Share in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Best answer: No. Unfortunately, for people who like more challenging playthroughs, there's no way to turn it off. The Gen IV remake automatically shares experience points among your Pokémon team.

What is Exp. Share?

Whenever the Pokémon in your party go into battle and come out victorious, experience points are earned to help your monsters reach their next levels, which then can allow them to evolve to their next forms. Exp. Share makes it so that even the Pokémon on your team that you don't use in battle will receive some of these experience points.

This is a beneficial mechanic for people who don't like grinding over and over through battles. However, there is a dedicated community of players who love to Nuzlocke or make Pokémon games more challenging. To them, Exp. Share is an annoying ability that prevents them from playing the way they want to. Since Exp. Share cannot be turned off in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, many Nuzlocke enthusiasts are upset over this mechanic.

What other changes are there in the remakes?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Piplup Following (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

Not all of the changes made to the remakes are so controversial as Exp. Share. For instance, you'll be able to have a Pokémon follow you around in the overworld wherever you go. That way, you can watch your favorites run around beside you like the true buddies they are.

Additionally, HMs are handled a little differently. Instead of being moves that you are forced to teach your team members to advance to certain areas of the map, a wild Pokémon will appear to do the action for you.

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