Ask Alexa to control your home phone with 30% off an Amazon Echo Connect

Amazon is offering its Echo Connect (opens in new tab) with a 30% discount right now, dropping to $24.49 from its usual $35 price. This device connects your home phone line to your Echo device, allowing you to make and receive calls using just your voice. It connects to Alexa and syncs with your contacts so you can have the voice assistant remember numbers for you.

You do need an Echo device (opens in new tab), home phone, and a smartphone to get this set up and working, so it's not for everyone. If you still have a home phone for emergencies, security systems, or any other reason, you'll probably want to pick one of these up to make it far more useful.

Getting it set up is pretty simple, and Amazon has a great set of instructions (opens in new tab) available.

Adam Oram

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