Transform your wired speakers with Amazon's $20 Echo Input at its best price yet

Amazon Echo Input review
Amazon Echo Input review

Do you own any wired speakers that you wish could stream music wirelessly? It's actually really simple to make that happen; all you need is $20 and the Amazon Echo Input (opens in new tab). Though it regularly sells for up to $35, Amazon's current sale is giving you the opportunity to snag one at its lowest price ever of $19.99. The Echo Input doesn't have a built-in speaker, but by connecting it to a speaker you already own, you can start accessing all the functionality of the voice-activated Amazon Alexa assistant with it.

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Plugging the Echo Input into speakers you already own can add Alexa voice-assistant functionality to them, allowing you to ask about the weather, stream songs from Apple Music or Spotify, and much more.

The Echo Input is the only Amazon Echo device I own, and I'm absolutely satisfied with it (especially at this price). After plugging it up to my A/V receiver, the wired Klipsch speakers (opens in new tab) I have hooked up to my turntable can now wirelessly stream music, and all I have to do is ask Alexa to start playing what I want to hear. It's compatible with various streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more, though Apple Music is my favorite to use with the device. Alexa can tell you about the weather, current news, and so much more (opens in new tab). I also love using my Echo Input to listen to audiobooks from Audible, and the possibilities don't end there.

There are two bundles on Amazon which can save you the full $35 cost of the Echo Input when you buy it with one of the following wireless speakers: BeoPlay A1 (opens in new tab) or the iHome AV2 (opens in new tab). That could be a smart way to save if you don't have a speaker to use with the Echo Input yet.

This article from Android Central can help you decide whether or not the Echo Input is right for your home.

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