Don't worry about forgetting your keys with August's 3rd-gen smart lock on sale

The dark gray 3rd-gen August Smart Lock is down to $94 on Amazon. The silver version is also discounted down to $100 right now. The locks normally sell for around $130, so this is a great low price. We've never seen the lock go as low as $94 before, though, so that's a deal worth jumping on.

The August smart lock adds secure, keyless entry to your home. Using your phone you can lock and unlock the door and keep track of who else is using that door. It attaches to the existing deadbolt so you don't have to get rid of the keys you currently have. If you need to give your kids or a guest a way into the house when you're not home, you don't have to hide a key somewhere outside. You can send them a guest access code from the August app. It also has automatic features that can lock when you leave and unlock as you arrive.

You can also connect it with a $73 August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to work with Alexa-enabled devices so you can lock or unlock the door with just your voice.

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John Levite

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