Amazon has a two-pack of Aukey Wi-Fi Mini Smart Plugs on sale for just $20.15 when you enter promo code MPEQUT6C during checkout. Normally they would cost about $28, and the coupon code drops the price back to the lowest offer we've seen for the pair. You'll be paying just over $10 apiece for them, too.

Alternatively, you could pick up Aukey's Mini Smart Plug with dual outlets for only $18.89 with code G2UT9FIW.

These well-rated smart plugs work in conjunction with things like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The Aukey Home app, which is free to download, lets you activate and deactivate home appliances and electronics from anywhere in the world. Automatically turn on your lights when the sun sets, flip them on and off at random intervals when you're on vacation, schedule your coffee timer to go off, or use your voice to turn off the box fan that keeps lulling you back to sleep. You don't need a bridge, hub, dongle, or any other thing to make 'em work. Just a Wi-Fi network.

These smart plugs will raise your home's IQ without putting a huge dent in your bank account. As an added bonus, they're compact, so adjacent outlets will stay usable. Your purchase includes a 24-month warranty as well.

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