Track your energy usage with a new all-time low price on the Eve Energy smart plug

Over at Amazon, you can pick up the Eve Energy Smart Plug and Power Meter for its lowest price to date. It has sold for $50 pretty consistently since it hit the market although in recent months we have seen it drop to $45. Today's price is the lowest it's ever been to so it's a great time to add one or more to your outlets.

Eve Energy gives you the ability to control the power status of your plugged in appliances remotely as well as via Siri thanks to HomeKit support. You don't need to buy an expensive bridge to make it work, either. You can also set your devices to power on or off to suit your schedule and build them into scenes with your other HomeKit devices. What's particularly great about Eve Energy is its energy tracking functionality. It enables you to monitor the electricity your connected appliances are using and view how much energy you've used during the day, over the last week or month.

This smart plug does not work with Alexa or Google Assistant, so if those are your smart home systems of choice then you'd be better off opting for a similar offering from the likes of Wemo, Eteckcity, among others.

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Adam Oram

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