Amazon is offering this two-pack of iClever Smart Plugs for just $17.99 when you enter promo code ICLEVERPLUG during checkout. That codes takes $10 off the current price for the pair and brings the cost of each plug down to just $9.

Smarten up

iClever Smart Plug, 2-pack

Add some smarts to your otherwise dumb devices with these discounted smart plugs. Code ICLEVERPLUG takes them down to just $17.99 — or $9 each — at checkout. We've never seen them available for less before.

$17.99 $19.99 $2 off

With coupon: ICLEVERPLUG

These 15A smart plugs give you the ability to control whatever's plugged into them with your voice or with an iOS or Android smartphone. You'll be able to schedule your devices to turn on at specific times or even ask an Amazon Alexa-enabled device to turn them on for you.

A great feature of these plugs is their ability to tell you whether a device is currently turned on or off while you're away from home. No longer will you have to wonder and worry — simply check the app and see.

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