If you're still vacuuming for yourself in 2019, you're doing it wrong. With so many robot vacs out there with increasingly advanced features and performance, it makes total sense to let an autonomous vacuum clean up messes for you. That way you can use your time for more enjoyable things. Fortunately for you, Woot is offering the iRobot Roomba 671 robotic vacuum cleaner for just $229.99 right now as a one-day deal at Amazon. It regularly sells for nearer $300 there and was going for as much as $350 at the start of the year.

Put your feet up

iRobot Roomba 671

Set cleaning schedules or control the Roomba 671 with just your voice. Or just build your own DJ Roomba.

$229.99 $294.00 $64 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The Roomba 671's 3-stage cleaning system, dual multi-surface brushes, and edge brushes ensure a thorough clean, lifting everything from small dust particles to large debris on hard floors and and carpets. It can automatically adjust its brush height and suction strength depending on the surface or level of dirt detected and a full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture. There's also cliff-detection to avoid a tumble down the stairs. It runs for 90 minutes before it makes its own way back to its charging dock so it's always ready to go.

You can set the Roomba 671 off cleaning remotely from the free iRobot Home app, or set up a cleaning schedule that suits you. The coolest part, though, is the ability to use your Echo devices to simply ask the Roomba to get to work. It's like living in the future.

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