Having an all-glass phone is nice and everything, but one misstep and your hefty investment gets cracked into pieces while injuring your wallet as well. Prevent this nightmare scenario by protecting your iPhone XR with three Mkeke Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for only $1. The price drops during checkout at Amazon when you use code RH3UDY5U, saving you $7 off the normal cost. At this price, you have no reason not to place an order.

Glass On Glass

Mkeke Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

At only $1 and with a lifetime warranty, every iPhone XR owner should get in on this deal.

$1ce $8 $7 Off

With coupon: RH3UDY5U

A tempered glass screen protector is essential for every smartphone owner. When you drop your phone, because let's be honest, it's inevitable, the protector will crack instead of your screen. Then you simply peel off the protector and replace it with a new one. These have excellent customer reviews and are quite easy to install. Everything you need is included. Once adhered to your phone, these protectors will shield your screen almost completely. There's a coating that helps the glass resist oil and fingerprints, without compromising visibility or touchscreen accuracy. These protectors are compatible with the vast majority of phone cases, and your purchase includes a lifetime warranty, too.

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