The Roborock S5 smart robot vacuum and mop falls to $412.99 in rose gold at Amazon when you clip the on-page $100 coupon and enter promo code ROCK4MOM during checkout. The S5 has been selling for around $530 on average and rarely drops below $500 without a special deal like today's. The black model is not eligible for this offer.


Roborock S5 smart robot vacuum and mop

Free up your time and let this vacuum do your chores for you. Clip the on-page coupon and use code ROCK4MOM to get the deal.

$413 $580 $167 Off

With coupon: ROCK4MOM

These robot vacuums create navigation maps to help plan routes, get around your house, and work out schedules. They can cross over anything lower than two centimeters and are designed to recharge by themselves. They will also avoid falling down stairs, scratching your furniture and getting stuck on obstacles. The mopping system leaves no water streaks or stains while providing a thorough clean. You can use the Mi Home app for scheduling, spot cleaning, real-time monitoring, and more. The vacuums come with a one-year warranty and are highly-rated by existing owners.

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