Roland's BTM-1 Bluetooth speaker lets you connect a guitar to play along at 30% off

The Roland BTM-1 Bluetooth Speaker (opens in new tab) isn't your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. It was built with musicians in mind and is equipped with a plug-and-play guitar input that lets you hook your instrument up and play anywhere you go. Though it's normally priced around $200, right now you can pick one up for just $139.99 at Amazon. Before this sale, this recently released speaker had never been discounted at Amazon.

This deal is only set to last through July 22nd in celebration of Amazon's upcoming Prime Day. Unlike many of the deals we'll be seeing this month, this is one of the few that you don't need a Prime membership (opens in new tab) to snag!

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Roland BTM-1 Bluetooth Speaker with Guitar Input (opens in new tab)

This stylish speaker is packed with various ways to connect instruments and devices; it even lets you use its AUX input and Bluetooth functionality simultaneously.

Roland's BTM-1 is a great pick for musicians as it features multiple inputs and even allows you to use them simultaneously. That means you could be streaming backing music over Bluetooth while having an instrument plugged in via the AUX input so you can play along. This speaker strives for accurate audio reproduction with its advanced cabinet design and custom speakers, and it shows, making it sound perfectly tuned no matter if you're streaming songs or playing an instrument yourself.

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