You know why I like TP-Link's smart home accessories? They're easy. Easy to use, easy to set up. They don't fall apart or get complicated when things go wrong. They just work and add convenience to my life. Well, TP-Link has something new. The KP200 Kasa smart Wi-Fi in-wall power outlet, which is on sale for $44.99 in a two-pack at Lowe's. B&H had a similar deal last week that was only available for one day and only dropped to $50. The outlet has only been available since March and hasn't seen any real deals. A single pack goes for around $37 on Amazon and other retailers, so you're getting a second outlet for less than $10 more.

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Smarter is Better

TP-Link KP200 Kasa smart Wi-Fi in-wall power outlet 2-pack Lowe's

Get rid of the middle man of smart plugs and just convert your regular outlets into something smarter. Plus, this 2-pack is almost the same price as the single outlets go for at most retailers.

$44.99 $74.00 $29 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

So you know how you can attach a smart plug to a regular outlet, plug something into it, and then control it from your phone or with your voice? Well, these in-wall outlets just skip the plug part. With two places to plug in, you'll be able to control whatever devices are plugged in. Plus, you can control them at the same time or individually. Use your smartphone and the Kasa app to turn the plug on or off, set schedules, create scenes, and more. You can also connect the outlet to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana smart home device and control it with your voice.

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