Tim Cook reveals that 6.5 million are subscribed to Apple Music

After launching on June 30, many waited eagerly to learn exactly how many are currently using Apple Music. CEO Tim Cook has spilled some of the beans at the Wall Street Journal conference by stating that a total of 15 million are currently using Apple Music (as a trial or otherwise), while 6.5 million are actively subscribed.

Previously, Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue revealed that the company isn't particularly concerned by just how many people use the online music streaming service. While the subscriber figure is a solid achievement for the company after just a handful of months, it's still some way off Spotify's 20 million.

We'll have to see how many subscribers Apple Music will be able to retain once the company has launched apps on other platforms, but for now things are looking rather positive.

Source: Wall Street journal

Rich Edmonds