Time Warner Cable receiving cease and desist orders for its iPad App?

According to Business Insider, TV networks are very unhappy with the Time Warner iPad App TW Cable TV. TW Cable TV can stream 32 channels of live television to your iPad as long as you have a cable TV subscription and internet service from Time Warner; you are even restricted to WiFi only.

The problem is television networks say that streaming video over to a tablet is totally different than providing content for cable televisions. This means they should own the rights to the content and get a fee for providing the content for the streaming iPad programs.

Until these problems can be worked out, TV networks are sending out "cease and desist" letters to Time Warner Cable requesting that their channels be pulled from the app straight away.

Do any of our readers use the TW Cable TV app? Let us know if you see any channels disappearing from your app!

[Business Insider via PhoneArena]


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