With the second coming of the iPhone at our doorsteps (3G for those of you living in a cave), there has been an intriguing amount of comparison between the "old" iPhone 2G and the shiny new 3G Wonder.  The coming of 2.0 and the App Store has everyone a-twitter, but lest we forget, there are still a plethora of web-based apps out there that are just darn good and useful.  This week's Tip, courtesy of Fiona King and currencytrading.net (a BIG thanks, Fiona!), is all about helpful financial apps for the iPhone.  Read on, friends!

Even though the folks at Apple are toting the iPhone 3G as being business-friendly by offering some extra functionality and Exchange support via the iPhone 2.0 upgrade, the iPhone has always been a worthy platform for the business and finance-minded user (in my humble opinion).   Case in point,  the list of twenty-five (yes, 25!) different financial apps for the iPhone at currencytrading.net. I'll cover briefly just a few of these apps in today's Tip and you can explore the rest to your heart's content.

iCalc Mortgage Calculator is great for finding out what your mortgage payment will be when buying a new home, or you can use it to figure out what your payment WILL be once your interest-only payments expire (ouch!).






Another useful app is Currency Exchange. Given the free-fall of the dollar, it's not a bad idea to have a way to see how it stacks up against other world currencies.






iTIPZ Tip Calculator is exactly like it sounds - let this app compute your tip, split it as many ways as you have payers, and even let it round off the number for you.  Sweet!






Compound Interest Calculator helps you compute how much moolah ($$$) you can save over a period of time.  Remember when you were young (cough) and someone much older and wiser told you that if you saved $5 a week for 30 years you would have a gazillion dollars due to the magic of compound interest?  Yeah, well, I didn't save the $5/week either, but at least if you start now, you can use this app to set your goals.

These are just four of the twenty-five apps at currencytrading.net.  Just head on over there at the speed of a click to see the rest.  If you have finances on the brain, there's bound to be an app there that will be useful.

That's it for this week's Tip.  If you have a tip of your own that you would like to share with the rest of us, please leave a Comment or you can email me at: brian.hart@tipb.com.

Disclaimer:  Tip o' the Week makes no guarantee, express or implied, that any tip found herein will be new or particularly useful to the reader (ok, ok.  I may have exaggerated the "gazillion" you can save via compound interest if you sock away $5/week.  It's more like a bazillion).