TiPb Give-away: HAVA Titanium HD WIFI + iPhone App

Titanium Angle

The fine folks at HAVA have a top-of-the-line, factory sealed, $250 Hava Titanium HD WIFI box, along with a $15 iTunes gift card to purchase HAVA Player for iPhone/iPod touch from the App Store [iTunes link], and they want to give it to a lucky TiPb reader!

All you have to do to enter the give-away is to head on over to the TiPb Forums and tell us what TV show, event, or movie you most want to watch via HAVA on your iPhone! We'll pick one reader at random and HAVA will send you your box and gift card. (US shipping address required for delivery). Give-away starts now and ends Monday, Feb. 22 at 12pm PT.

For more info on HAVA, keep reading after the break!

Hava Titanium HD WIFI WiFi is the latest addition to our HAVA family. It sports 2 USB ports and allows you to connect the included USB 802.11g wireless dongle giving you the wireless capability of the HAVA Wireless HD but more flexibility. You can connect a USB hard drive to HAVA Titanium's USB port and record and play back any show using the HAVA PC Player. You can also schedule a recording to occur unattended, so that your PC does not have to be connected when the recording starts.Like our other HAVA products, you can watch your home TV content in any room in the house or in your hotel room on your PC or mobile phone. The video streaming in the house is through a wireless connection through the home router, and in the hotel room its over the Internet. There is a bundled remote control on the PC screen that allows you to control your set top box, TIVO or any other video source. You can also use HAVA's recording functionality to record your favorite channels.

  • Wireless TV viewing around the house
  • External USB hard disk support
  • 802.11g
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward and record favorite live TV shows
  • Burn TV shows to DVD
  • Stream TV programs to multiple PCs simultaneously around your home
  • Use Microsoft Media Center PCs to watch TV wirelessly throughout your home
  • Watch TV on PCs in your home and from abroad at the same time
  • Connect any HD video source
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