iMore Store 2009 iPhone Holiday Gift Guide

The following Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store

What to get for that annoying iPhone owner who knows has everything? For that new iPhone user who's just getting started? For that last minute drop in you never expected but suddenly have to render iSpeechless?

The TiPb iPhone Accessory store's got you covered! We asked the iPhone staff for some of their favorite accessories of the year, and put them together into our 2009 Gift Guide -- jammed packed with iPhone goodness just in time for the holidays, after the jump!

Rene's Picks

  • iSkin solo FX is just crazy cool. Semi-translucent soft, non-slip case that shows your iPhone (and Apple logo), and adds a screen protector that's see-through from the front when the iPhone is on, but mirror-like from an angle or when the iPhone is off. Comes in green, purple, blue, red, and orange. Depending on your iPhone color (black or white) you can get some fantastic looking tones and textures.
  • Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset is just so Galactica. I know I've said that before, and I've said that thanks to my grappling-ground ears, this is the only Bluetooth headset that's I've used, that's actually stayed in place, for more than a short time. It's big, sure, but most of it is tucked behind your ear, and the boom mic provides for great sound, and -- yup -- a look straight out of Sci-Fi (or maybe SWAT).
  • Motorola SD9-HD are stereo Bluetooth beasts. Apple hasn't gotten their act together when it comes to the controls, but if we're talking sound, these bring the boom and then some. The form-factor's not designed for lying down, but if you're on the go, especially working out, check out the SD9-HD. -iharmonix Platinum i-series are how I go wired, and for all the same reason. In-ear is my only option, and these are currently my in-ears of choice. Great look, greater fit.


Dieter's Picks

  • XGear Stylus is a hard case with a unique, ribbed design. No slip = win. It comes with mirror films and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Also red, white, and black.
  • Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset. I love it because it's tiny, charges lightning quick, has great sound quality on the listening end because of Moto's Crystal Talk Technology, has great sound quality on the sound end because of the dual-microphone design. Most of all, though, I love it because of the flip out boom that turns the headset OFF when I'm not using it.
  • v-moda vibe was good enough to make it into TiPb's ultimate accessory give away, and that means they're perfect for a spot on your gift-list as well. Say good-bye to earbuds. Don't look back.


Chad's Picks

  • Smartphone Experts SidePouch. If a side pouch is your thing (like it is me) you will like the style and value of the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Light and durable, this is a great addtion to your case collection; not to mention there is a color-combo to suit your liking!
  • Blueant S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit with Multipoint. If you have been in the market for a hands-free solution for your iPhone and car, this is it! I love this bluetooth speaker. It works great with the iPhone 3GS Voice Control and sounds great.
  • Griffin PowerDuo is for when the default sync cable is not enough. If you use an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, that sucker's battery dies very fast and waiting till you get home/work to charge it just doesn't cut it in certain situations. So, I have been on a quest, a quest to find a great car charger that can double as a general charging/syncing cable. Well, I think I have found it.


Chris' Pick

Incipio SILICRYLIC Silicone Crystal Case has to be my favorite accessory. I have dropped the iPhone a few times, and the case has saved it. Well worth the money, and it looks pretty good as well. 4028

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James' Picks

  • mophie Juice Pack air. A few months ago, this was my Pick of the Week. It is still the case I use. Like most iPhone owners, I chew through the battery very quickly. With all of the apps, data, music and video available to me, I seem to always be needing a fresh charge. The Mophie Juice Pack Air is exactly the case I have needed. It does not add too much thickness or heaviness to my iPhone 3GS and holds a full charge when I need it. I have recommended it to family and friends and all who have purchased will echo my sentiments. A must buy for the heavy user!
  • Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset. I have tried many bluetooth headsets over the years and have found one nagging issue. No, it's not sound quality. Rather, I have not found a headset that will stay in my ear without using an over-the-ear clip. The Platronics Discovery 925 is the first headset that I have tried taht will fit in my ear without any other assistance. Also, the sound quality is great and I have not had any complaints on my voice quality.
  • Belkin Mini Surge Protector is the perfect travel accessory for the mobile workforce. As you travel, or even if you just want to plug in at a Starbucks, chances are that you will find a shortage of outlets. This handy device ensures that you have enough outlets for all of your power needs.


Jeremy's Picks

  • Marware C.E.O. Premiere has the classic horizontal holster case design that covers your iPhone in a textured, soft leather with quality stitching and an ultra-slim non-removable belt clip. The interior of the case is made up of microfiber cloth which is a welcomed addition that promises not to scratch your device while it is in use. Also it's doubling as my Droid case. :)
  • Blueant Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset is an excellent, top quality headset that should not be passed up if you are in the market for a top of the line piece of technology. Buy it now!
  • Motorola's MOTOROKR S305 are great stereo Bluetooth headsets for enjoying your music on the go. Whether you're on your daily jog or spending some time in the gym, these headphones are the perfect fit that will not hurt your wallet.


Leanna's Pick

iSkin Solo FX. For a case that's both fashionable and of high quality, look no further than the iSkin Solo FX. I use this case regularly for it's looks and protection. It has a snug fit yet doesn't scratch my precious iPhone, feels great in my hand, and looks amazing! One of these days I will own all 4 colors :)


Matt's Pick

Otterbox Defender is absolutely my favorite case, no doubt the best that I have come across! While this case is a bit more expensive than other iPhone cases, it is definitely worth it. The case nearly seals your iPhone within itself, leaving open only the necessary holes to allow speaker usage. I have put this case through quite a bit, from dropping it off the side of a cliff into sand, to spilling coke on it, to dropping it more than anyone should consider healthy for an iPhone and, still, it has defended it. If you have had issues with keeping an iPhone okay then this is probably the case for you.


Your Recommendations?

What did we miss? Any must-have accessories? What does your secret gift'er need to wrap up for you this year? What are you telling Papa Jobs you really want left under your iPhone? We only started this list; didn't even check it twice! Check out the TiPb iPhone Accessory store and drop some ideas in the comments, would ya? Make sure we get this right!