Today's TiPb Top 5 will be directed towards our iPhone and iPod Touch wielding readers who love photography. Just like our other TiPb's top 5 must-have posts, all of these applications are available in the App Store. For the full overview, follow us after the break!



Today's first application is Omer Shoor's photo editing app Photogene. If you're looking to do some serious photo editing with your iPhone, Photogene is the app for you. Whether you want an app that auto edits for you and has special effects or you want full control over every aspect of the editing process, Photogene does it all!

  • Correct color distribution, brightness, color temperature, exposure and contrast
  • Gamma correction
  • RGB Balance
  • Special effects
  • Customizable Frames and Frame effects
  • Text bubbles

Photogene is available for $2.99. [iTunes link].

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition

DSLR Camera Remote

Are you an aspiring or professional photographer with a Nikon or Canon DSLR? DSLR Camera Remote displays what your camera sees on your iPhone or iPod Touch and allows you to remotely control your camera's shutter release and settings. This app is ideal for studio photography, self portraits, and awkward angles. Even though you are restricted to using this app on WiFi, when comparing it to the price of professional remotes, DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for photographers with a supporting camera.

Get an iPhone SE with Mint Mobile service for $30/mo

  • Remotely fire your DSLR over any WiFi network (ad-hoc ok)
  • See through your camera's viewfinder with LiveView mode and focus remotely
  • Remotely control camera settings like aperture, white-balance, and shutter-speed
  • Auto Bracketing, burst, and intervalometer modes

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition is available for $19.99 [iTunes link]



Next up, we have the excellent panoramic application Panorama. Similar applications require the user to have skill in aligning photos for the final stitching to look good, but not Panorama! The stitching algorithms built into Panorama are very sophisticated and do an amazing job at fixing a bad alignment job. So if you're interested in taking beautiful, high quality panoramic shots, be sure to pick this one up!

  • Sophisticated stitching algorithms
  • Take individual photos as portrait or landscape
  • Add photos to the left or right
  • Auto brightness/exposure corrections

Panorama is available for $9.99 [iTunes link]

TiltShift Generator


Photographers will often shoot photos with a shallow depth of field to make their subject stand out, but the iPhone's camera is rather limited in this regard. With TiltShift Generator, you can add a very natural blur to your photos to bring non-subject matter out of focus and adjust contrast and saturation to really make your photos pop. Look no further than TiltShift Generator to satisfy your depth of field generating needs.

  • Create "retro miniature pictures"
  • Radial or linear Blur
  • Edit contrast and saturation
  • Vignetting
  • Direct email and Twitter support

TiltShift Generator is available for $0.99 [iTunes link]



Have you ever wanted to add a Sin City feel to your photos with only specific details in color? With ColorSplash you can! This technique is what's known as selective desaturation and with 4 different brush types and a mode to clearly see the boundaries between black & white and color, ColorSplashis an excellent choice to give your photos that dramatic look.

  • Give photos a dramatic look by keeping chosen details in color
  • Use your finger as brush
  • 4 different brush types
  • Share with Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter
  • Alternate mode that shows colored regions in red to easily see boundaries between black & white and color.

ColorSplash is available for $1.99 [iTunes link]


There you have it, TiPb's Top 5 Must-Have iPhone photo apps. Did we miss any of your favorites? Overlook any killer photo apps? Drop us a comment and let us know your list!

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