Your home is about to become a lot cooler. Select Google Nest smart thermostats are on sale today at B&H with prices discounted by up to $50 while supplies last. B&H even includes free expedited shipping with the purchase to get your new thermostat to you within just a couple of days.

Save up to 20%

Google Nest Smart Thermostats sale

Have your home cooled on command with a Google Nest smart thermostat. Both the Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Learning Thermostat are on sale today at B&H with up to $50 off their full cost while supplies last. Shipping is free.

Starting at $139

Two models of Google Nest thermostats are on sale today, including the Google Nest Thermostat E that's now down to $139 and the Google Nest Learning Thermostat which is on sale for $199.

The deal on the Nest Thermostat E is the better of the two. Though they both allow you to control your AC from anywhere in the world, the Nest Thermostat E comes in at $60 less and doesn't see this price as often. There are some key differences between the two, though nothing that truly makes the Nest Learning Thermostat a more worthwhile pick over the more affordable model. Be sure to take a look at this comparison guide for a full look at their differences.

What you get with the Nest Thermostat E is the ability to speak to your Google Assistant to tell it to set the temperature lower, or ask Amazon's Alexa to set a schedule if you know you don't want to keep your home chilled all day while you're at work. You can even have full control over it via the Nest app on your iPhone or Android device. It supports around 85% of HVAC systems and learns your patterns and creates a heating and cooling schedule accordingly. In our Nest E review we called it the "best entry-level thermostats you can buy".

To start voice controlling your new Nest thermostat, you'll need a device like an Amazon Echo or a Google Nest speaker. Options start as low as $19.99.

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