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The TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) have deemed Apple's new iPad magical enough to pass through airport security scanners mostly without your having to remove it from your travel bags. Mostly.

The Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday that in general you should not need to remove your iPad from your bag. That's because it's relatively small and people who carry the device often don't have bulky accessories like plugs and external drives that clutter the image when computer bags are screened.

Screeners may still ask you to remove your iPad if they can't get a clear image of the device.

You might also find a few screeners not yet familiar enough with the policy or the iPad, so again, leave your iPad in your bag unless and until you're asked by the men and women in uniform to take it out. Then take it out.

We haven't heard about other countries yet, but if you have let us know in comments!

[Cheap plug/question avoider - that's the Marware Eco-Envi for iPad pictured above.]