Two Great iPhone Apps: AppFlow and Touchpad

A couple of great iPhone apps (for Jailbroken iPhones) came out in the past couple of days. The first is AppFlow, which lets you browse your applications (but not your Web Links, they're a little different) via the sweet coverflow interface. - » Introducing AppFlow

The next one is Touchpad, which turns the iPhone into a trackpad for your computer. It's a neat idea, though the only use I can think of is if you have a laptop with a "nub" mouse that you want to replace from time to time. If nothing else, though, it shows the power of the iPhone:

Cool apps like these are coming out all the time on the sly now, I can't imagine what it will be like once this stuff can be official. There are, what, 7 days left in February? Apple: time to step up and either deliver or tell us it's delayed.

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  • I'm impressed by touchpad, I can clearly see the utility of it. How does it connect to the PC?