Upgrade your home security with Eufy's 4-camera security system down to $406 today only

Eufy Systems
Eufy Systems

Keep your house safe and sound with Eufy's big sale on its EufyCam 2 Pro security system today at Amazon. This is one of Amazon's daily deals, which means the prices are temporary and set to expire if the products don't sell out first.

The main system on sale here is the EufyCam 2 Pro 4-camera kit, and it's down to just $405.99 today. That's actually quite a huge drop considering it's normally $580. Outside of sales like this, it doesn't drop from that price much, either. While Eufy has been making security cameras for a while now, and there have been other renditions of the EufyCam in the past, this one is quite new and only released this year. Today is a big opportunity to grab this new and improved security system at one of its best prices ever.

Each of the cameras in this kit records in 1080p with Apple HomeKit and up to 2K resolution with other platforms. You get plenty of detail so you can see everything that's going on. Plus, the cameras have a 365-day battery life. That's a full year where you can just set the camera in the perfect spot and let it do its job. If that's not enough for you, check out Eufy's Solar Panel that is also discounted as part of today's sale. You can get it for just $37.49 instead of its normal $60 price, and it's designed to work with the EufyCam 2 Pro cameras to provide a continuous charge.

There are plenty of other features, too. The cameras have advanced night vision and a high photosensitivity sensor so they can capture stuff even in the dimmest of conditions. Plus they are IP67-rated for water and dust resistance, making them great to use outdoors if you want to.

One of the great things about a system like this is that it's modular. You get the system base and the four cameras, and you can add even more cameras if you need to cover more space. The SoloCam is a brand new addition to the Eufy family, and it's $30 off today in case you need more than the four cameras from the base system or you want to add to a system you already have.

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