Vintique is a photo editing app for the iPhone that includes 32 vintage filters with the ability to edit and tweak them to your liking. Vintique is much more than a filters apps, though, as it also includes powerful image editing tools including exposure, white balance, vibrance, gamma, and more.

Vintique features 5 main tabs: filters, advanced editing tools, vignetting and textures, frames, and share. The filters tab includes 32 vintage filters that can be edited which allows you to get the exact look you're looking for. The editing option are very simple, yet extremely helpful. To edit a filter, you scroll through its options including saturation, edge, brightness/contrast, black and white gradient, and textures and simply toggle them on or off. It would be great if you could also adjust the overall opacity of the effect, but you can't.

The tab for advanced edits lets you make adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, temperature, tint, highlights, shadows, exposure, gamma, and hue. The controls a simple and easy to use with sliders.

The vignetting and texture tab is one of my favorite section of Vintique. It features 18 different vignetting styes, including colored ones, and 31 different textures. All of the vignettes and textures can have their opacity edited. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to mask out textures.

If you love frames, Vintique will not disappoint. There are 49 different frames available in Vintique with a wide range of styles. As of right now, the frames are not available for 2448x2448 resolution, but they should be coming soon.

Speaking of resolutions, Vintique is a free app, but only comes with support for exporting 612x612 photos. For 1224x1224 and 2448x2448 resolutions, including frames for these resolutions, you're looking at a $0.99 in-app purchase.

The good

  • 32 vintage filters, 18 vignettes, and 31 textures
  • Edit individual filters by turning off effects and textures
  • Make adjustments to the photo including brightness/contrast/saturation, vibrance, temperature/tint, highlight/shadow, exposure, gamma, and hue
  • 19 various vignetting & 26 textures with the ability to adjust opacity
  • 49 frames
  • Share to Instagram, Camera Roll, Facebook Twitter, Mail, or Open In other apps
  • Previews of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Three resolution sizes: 612x612, 1224x1224, 2448x2448
  • Two large resolution sizes and more frames available as in app purchase

The bad

  • Must crop as a square
  • Can't adjust opacity of filters
  • Can't mask out textures
  • No frames for 2448x2448 , yet. They are coming soon, though.

The bottom line

If you love editing your photos with vintage filters yet like the control of customizing them to your liking, then Vintique is an excellent iPhone photography app. Vintique also makes is really easy to open your photos in Instagram which means Vintique may be a great app to pick up for this week's Instagram photography contest!

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