Apple Vision Pro Price: Storage, AppleCare Plus, and accessory costs explained

Apple Vision Pro headset, an augmented reality wearable that puts applications and digital environments into your real world.
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The Apple Vision Pro Price was a bit of a mystery when it was first shown off but we finally know the launch price of Apple's revolutionary new headset is $3,499 and it's here now. 

However, with extra Apple Vision Pro accessories, bigger storage, and AppleCare, there are tonnes of little extras to think about before you save up all that money. You can get a prescription insert to work with the headset without the need for glasses or you can always pick up a travel case to bring up and about it with you. 

Either way, this is likely the biggest cost of the year for many Apple fans so you will want to stay as informed as possible about the price tag. 

Here is absolutely everything we know about the Apple Vision Pro price. 

Apple Vision Pro: The price 

The Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499. For that, you get a 256GB Apple Vision Pro headset, a USB-C charge cable and power adapter, the external battery, the Apple Vision Pro cover, and two bands, the Solo Knit and the Dual loop. You also get two light seals and 2x light seal cushions, which help you get the perfect fit for your face and will be customized to suit based on the scan of your face. You also get a polishing cloth.

Apple Vision Pro: Storage costs

Beyond the 256GB base model, you can also buy a 512GB model for $3,699, and a 1TB version for $3,899.

Apple Vision Pro: AppleCare+ price

AppleCare+ for Apple Vision Pro costs $499 for two years of coverage, or you can pay $24.99 a month. 

Apple Vision Pro: ZEISS Optical Inserts price 

Zeiss Vision Pro inserts

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There are two options for those who need glasses to use Vision Pro. You can get ZEISS Optical Inserts Readers for just $99, or you can get your prescription for $149. Like normal glasses, readers are more generic and, therefore, cheaper, while prescription lenses are specific to your vision needs and, therefore, more expensive. 

Apple Vision Pro: Instalments and Apple Card 

Apple Pay Card

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Apple Vision Pro can be bought outright, or you can finance it using Apple Card Monthly Installments. These are payable over 12 months, starting at $291.58 per month for the 256GB model, $308.25 a month for the 512GB, and $324.91 a month for the 1TB model. 

Apple Vision Pro: refunds and returns 

Apple's standard return policy means you can return any undamaged product within 14 days of the date you receive the product. That means you can bring it back any time within two weeks of the date you take it home from the store or the delivery date. 

Apple Vision Pro: Accessories 

Apple Vision Pro headset, an augmented reality wearable that puts applications and digital environments into your real world.

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple sells a spare battery pack for Vision Pro, which gives you an extra 2.5 hours of battery life at the cost of $199. It also sells an Apple Vision Pro hardshell travel case for the same price. You can get a new Apple Vision Pro Light Seal for $199 and a Belkin Battery Holder for $49.95.

Other Apple Vision Pro accessories include a cheaper Spigen carry case for the headset, and Belkin's battery clip. 

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  • SvenJ
    There is a mention that "We’ve also heard the Vision Pro keyboard isn’t very good,..." You don't mention it coming with a keyboard, so what's that all about?
  • Annie_M
    I'm under the impression that the keyboard is virtual. I've read that some early users want a Bluetooth keyboard, but since I'm not remotely interested in Apple's Vision Pro, I'm not 100% sure!
  • Wotchered
    I 'm not interested in buying one of these, and to be honest I don't even know what the thing is for... playing games ? flying drones ? neither of which is within my fields of interest. Maybe someone will post a guide for the simple minded ?