Apple Vision Pro transforms company's most iconic store ahead of launch — New York's Fifth Avenue cube is getting a giant headset

Apple Vision Pro Fifth Avenue
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Ahead of the Apple Vision Pro in-store launch on February 2, the company’s most iconic brick-and-mortar outfit is getting a giant makeover to celebrate. 

Apple’s new spatial computing headset debuts on Friday, bringing the pre-order period to an end after nearly seven months of anticipation. While Apple Vision Pro is a niche product with a high price tag, Apple is clearly going all in on showing off the headset to the world, adorning its iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City with a giant Vision Pro installation. 

As noted by YouTuber and influencer Nikias Molina, Apple is doing construction work on the famous cube and has so far installed the frame for a fixture that is unmistakably reminiscent of the Vision Pro headset. 

Apple Vision Pro lands in stores

From February 2, you can venture into any Apple Store near you to try out Apple Vision Pro for free. Apple’s demo experience is expected to be pretty rich and intensive, with sessions estimated to take upwards of 25 minutes. This will reportedly include time to have your face scanned by an Apple employee, such that the correct Light Seal, headband, and foam cushion can be applied for a comfortable fit. Apple will also have prescription lenses on hand to mimic glasses for those who need them. Customers will experience spatial videos, using the Vision Pro as a computer or iPad replacement, and watching a 3D movie. 

Apple has reportedly sold around 180,000-200,000 Apple Vision Pro pre-order units, with that number sure to rise as customers make their way into stores. Indeed, while Vision Pro pre-order wait times are sitting at upwards of five weeks, some stores have stock that you’ll be able to collect on day one, making a physical store visit your best chance of scoring one early if you haven’t managed a preorder.  

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