Forget Netflix and YouTube, TikTok is coming to Apple Vision Pro — New spatial app available now

TikTok Vision Pro
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While the wait continues for the likes of Netflix and YouTube to make the jump to Apple's Vision Pro headset, TikTok has made its debut on visionOS.

The video-sharing network announced via X (formerly Twitter) that the app is available now - meaning those lucky enough to already own a Vision Pro can download it from the App Store.

"Exciting news! TikTok is now available as a new spatial app on Apple Vision Pro," the post reads.

"Experience your For You feed in an entirely new way through this immersive content view"

So, whether it's dance crazes, cute pet videos, or just about anything else you're currently being served by the all-powerful TikTok algorithm, you'll now be able to enjoy it on your face as part of the headset's growing app contingent.

As one commenter put it, "There goes all productivity".

TikTok app screenshots on Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: TikTok)

Why use TikTok on Apple Vision Pro?

Naturally, many will wonder just what the big deal is with having another screen with which to watch the vertical scrolling video platform.

As far as unique features, the screenshots shared in the post above showcase the ability to view comments side by side with a video still playing, while the bar at the bottom suggests you'll be able to nudge the video window to just about anywhere in your 'physical' space - so maybe you will get some work done after all.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that TikTok is arriving before services like Netflix, with the latter being traditionally swift to support new platforms in the past.

While Netflix's co-CEO thinks Vision Pro is "not really particularly relevant to most" subscribers, maybe TikTok jumping in will persuade them that visionOS has legs after all.

As for YouTube, despite initial opting out on Google's part, it appears we may get an option for Vision Pro after all after Juno, a third-party YouTube app developed by Apollo designer Christian Sellig, took off.

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