Watch as an Apple Vision Pro helps legendary Fortnite creator CouRage get a Victory Royale while making FaceTime calls, watching Twitch, and more

Apple Vision Pro first impressions
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The Apple Vision Pro has been on sale for less than a week at this point but it has already turned up in some strange places. We've seen people wearing them while supposedly driving while others have used their Apple Vision Pro while flying an airplane, neither of which seems like a great idea. But not everyone has taken it upon themselves to go meme hunting. Some people have actually taken the Apple Vision Pro and used it in an interesting way. A way that might not be possible without it.

One of those people is the Fortnite streamer who goes by the name CouRage. In a video posted to YouTube CouRage said that he was going to play a round of Fortnite while trying to hit a few goals — goals that he was tracking in a note from within the Apple Vision Pro itself. And that wasn't all he was doing, either.

Throughout the 10-minute video, we see the YouTuber and streamer go through a variety of tasks while using various aspects of the Apple Vision Pro. Some of the features are the kind of thing that could make spatial computing such a big benefit for some people, like making a FaceTime call while playing a game. CouRage also got up to other things all while playing Fortnite on his PC using the headset's impressive passthrough mode.

Winner winner...

The main aim of CouRage's video was to see if he could get that dub while wearing the Apple Vision Pro and we've already spoilt the outcome — he did indeed manage it, perhaps highlighting the ultra-low latency experience that the headset's array of cameras and dual 4K displays can offer. But the YouTuber didn't just wear the headset while playing the game because he wanted to put it through its paces as well.

We've already mentioned the FaceTime call and Notes app making an appearance while the video also sees Safari being used to watch a Twitch stream. Safari is of course the only way to enjoy a number of streaming services given the lack of official Apple Vision Pro apps with YouTube and Netflix just two examples. The Juno app is another alternative for those who don't want to resort to Safari when watching their favorite YouTubers, however. Interestingly, YouTube has since confirmed that an app is on its roadmap despite the noises it had been making previously.

You can watch the full CouRage video above and it's well worth your time, especially if you're a Fortnite fan. The Apple Vision Pro does its job admirably and the fact that creators can play games and still have access to all of the App Store's apps at the same time is impressive — although much of this could still be achieved just by having a second monitor up and running instead.

That isn't to take anything away from the Apple Vision Pro, however. As I mentioned previously, there's no denying that Apple is on to something here even if the hardware can't quite keep up just yet. That'll no doubt change soon enough, and the current model is still a great option if you have a spare $3,499 burning a hole in your pocket. Alternatively, wait for whatever comes next — it'll be even better and, hopefully, cost a little bit less as well.

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