VoiceCentral "Black Swan" Brings Google Voice to iPhone Browser

Neither Google Voice nor any Google Voice-related apps snuck back into the App Store, at least not yet, but VoiceCentral aims to fill that void with its Black Swan Edition WebApp alternative. TechCrunch has the details:

The app is completely browser-based but has the look and feel of a regular app, complete with a dialer, list of transcribed voicemails, and SMS messages.

Using the WebApp calls both the number you want to reach and your Google Voice number, so you're still using voice minutes, and it can't access your iPhone contacts so you have to upload (and update) those separately. Still, the voicemail and SMS will no doubt appeal to some. It even does HTML5-style local caching.

Once again, as TechCrunch and Apple themselves point out, WebApps provide a way to develop for the iPhone outside the App Store and associated approval method (and problems).

If you have a Google Voice account and want to give VoiceCentral a try, you can apply for the beta. If you get in, let us know how it works for you!

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