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One of the biggest gripes about the iPhone is that its speaker isn't nearly loud enough for many people. This problem was exacerbated early on because the iPhone's alerts were originally too quiet to begin with. Apple themselves have fixed this problem by allowing you to change, say, the SMS alert volume. There's also rumblings that Apple has quietly introduced louder speaker on iPhones manufactured more recently.

But if you're one of those crazy early adopters, not only are you stuck with less money in your pocket (because of that unprecedented price drop), you're also stuck with a quiet iPhone in your pocket as well. What to do? well, according to skorpiond at modmyifone,

I grabbed a needle and sticked it into every single tiny hold on the bottom left corner of the iPhone. I think it was dirty in there or something because now this **** is EXACTLY how I wanted it since day one... LOUD!!! I really hope I didn't mess up the speaker though.

...So basically you engage in some warranty-voiding dangerfun with your iPhone -- presumably popping the protective cover over the speaker. Anybody brave enough to try this? We at Phone different already absolutely destroyed our first iPhone in the Video takeapart, so we're a little gunshy about voiding more warranties.

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