What products will Apple release in October?

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September is done, Green Day is awake, and Techtober is finally here. After a wholesome September event that brought us Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, two new iPads, and some very exciting new Apple services, it's now time for the main event.

It was never in doubt that Apple would not announce the new iPhone 12 in September, after months of rumors citing delays and supply chain issues, because no-one can escape the clutches of 2020. With that in mind, Apple still has plenty of rounds in the chamber when it comes to products we're expecting to see this year, and not a whole lot of time to announce them all. Rumors of an October 13 event abound, and the iPhone 12 is likely to take center stage. But beyond that, smart new accessories and the prospect of an Apple Silicon Mac still loom in the background. Here are all the products Apple will release in October.

iPhone 12

Finally. FINALLY, the iPhone 12 is just around the corner. As per literally, all of the rumors, September was never going to be iPhone 12 month. But in October? Well, that's a different story altogether.

Back in August, serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser predicted that Apple would announce a new iPhone at its iPhone 12 event the week-commencing October 12, with pre-orders to begin that same week and shipping the week after.

Latest reports have since nailed down a precise date, October 13, as the expected date for Apple's iPhone 12 event. Sources from two separate carriers in Europe have suggested this date, and Prosser has since specified that this was also the date he was given. It is expected that pre-orders for the iPhone 12 will begin on Friday, October 16.

This makes a lot of sense, there are multiple reports from separate sources about this new date, including Jon Prosser's approval (Prosser's track records with dates is pretty good, even if he hasn't been 100% on the content/significance of those dates). Tuesday is a very Apple event kind of day, that's when it held its September 'Time Flies' event, and it usually shies away from Mondays and Fridays. This is all pretty plausible, and the evidence is really starting to stack up.

What new features can you expect from iPhone 12? A hot new processor, all-new design, four new models (including an iPhone 12 mini) in three different sizes, and 5G to name but a few. This is going to be a massive year for iPhone, and you can find everything you need to know about iPhone 12 here.

What else?

With the iPad and Apple Watch out of the way, there aren't many more 'hero' products from Apple on the cards, at least according to the rumor mill. But we might get some very exciting new accessories.

First up, AirTags. Apple is widely expected to debut a brand new type of accessory. Apple's own answer to Tile, AirTags are small tracking devices compatible with your iPhone to keep track of basically any valuable item you can think of. We thought AirTags might debut in September, but nothing materialized. AirTags are definitely a prime contender to debut alongside iPhone 12.

Next, new AirPods. Namely, AirPods Studio. Apple's brand new over-ear headphones targeting the $349 range have been ready for release for some time, we got our first look at the new headphones a while back. Again, like AirTags, there were murmurings these could have debuted in September, but again, like AirTags, no such announcement was made.

Reports from Bloomberg suggest Apple has a new smaller HomePod mini in the works, as Apple's looks to reignite interest in its high-quality smart speaker with a smaller form factor and a cheaper price.

Apple Silicon?

Apple has confirmed it will release at least one Apple Silicon Mac before the end of 2020. Whilst we have no reports that Apple plans to debut a new Mac in October, there is always the chance that Apple has managed to sneak one past the leakers, and that it could surprise us with a 'one more' thing announcement. Apple Silicon promises to be a huge boost in performance to Apple's computer lineup.

I'm not interested in any of this...

Even if you aren't in the market for the latest and greatest from Apple, October is shaping up to be a pivotal release month, and if you're eyeing up a new iPhone purchase, you'd be well-advised to hold off for a few weeks. Even if you don't want a new iPhone 12, the release of a new flagship smartphone will bring down prices of Apple's current-generation phones across the board, except for maybe the iPhone SE.

Summing up

In comparison to September, October seems to be a quality over quantity month from Apple. A few weeks ago, we had two new iPads and two new Apple Watch models to look forward too, and plenty of rumors about both to discuss. Whilst we know even more about iPhone 12, it does seem like this will be the only major flagship product Apple announces in October. Given the iPhone's significance, however, make no mistake, October is going to be a huge month for Apple.

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