Best answer: The highest resolution the LG 27UD88 can display is 3840x2160, but it can support several other lower resolutions.

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Default on Mac

If you plug the LG 27UD88 into your MacBook Pro, you're likely going to see the monitor at 1920x1080 Retina display running at 60 Hz as a default. More than likely, because of the size of the monitor, this resolution may have much larger icons than you'd prefer.

You can set the resolution higher with the scaled options of 2560x1440, 3008x1692, 3360x1890, and the full 3840x2160. Of course, there are also some lower options available between 1680x945 and 1152x648.

Seemless color display

Don't forget you can calibrate the colors with your MacBook so that you glance back and forth between each screen and have it be seamless and pleasing to the eye. You also have 14 options for layout, so you can view multiple windows simultaneously — run your Apple TV via HDMI while using your MacBook!

Our Pick

LG 27UD88

The best USB-C monitor for most people.

This 4K monitor is hands-down the best USB-C monitor you can buy to complement your Mac experience. Via one cable, USB-C, you can power your MacBook, transfer video, and use the monitor as a USB hub, with the ability to interface with any peripheral you plug into the UD88's two USB 3.0 ports.

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