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What's on Richard's iPad right now!

The wallpaper and apps on my Retina iPad mini and why they're there, as of February 2014

We spend a lot of time throughout the weeks talking about new, exciting and updated apps and games, but we don't often take the time out to share what we use on our own devices. The apps and games that we love and put to use in our own everyday lives. So, following from Rene, Ally and Peter's reports of what's on their devices, it's now my turn. Here's what's currently taking residence on my Retina iPad mini!

My iPad homescreen isn't quite as stock as say, Rene's, but I do keep many of the stock apps on there. Well, the ones I actually use from time to time anyway. I don't really have any organisation or folders on my iPad's main home screen. I have promoted some stuff to the front though, including:

  • Wallpaper: Not the standard one you see when you fire it up for the first time, but it's one of Apple's own choices. I also have this wallpaper on my iPhone. Not quite sure why, but I like its colorful nature.
  • Remote (opens in new tab): I use my Apple TV a ton and I'm always too lazy to get up and find the physical remote so this is always coming in handy.
  • Skype (opens in new tab): The Mobile Nations office phone. I don't work much when I'm relaxing with my iPad, but at the same time I like to stay as connected as possible.
  • Instashare (opens in new tab): The best way I've found to send images from my iPad to my Mac. Quick, easy, and it's what we all really hope that AirPlay will become eventually.
  • Simplenote (opens in new tab): I use this for jotting down basically anything I think of because I can get my notes on the various different platforms I'm using throughout the days.
  • Deezer (opens in new tab): I've been trying Deezer for a while in place of Spotify because of a special offer pricing in the UK. Not sure if I'll be sticking with it, though.
  • Byword (opens in new tab): When I do decide to do something productive with my iPad, I always do it in Byword. iCloud syncing to my Mac and Markdown support are the biggest reasons why. And it's so simple to use.
  • Netflix (opens in new tab): Because, Netflix.

I've also promoted two apps to the dock because I like having quick access to them:

  • Yahoo! Weather (opens in new tab): Now on the iPad, just as gorgeous as ever.
  • Flint (opens in new tab): The Mobile Nations way of group chat is Campfire, and Flint is the absolute best way to do it on iPad.

Swiping over to the next (and final) screen, there's more stuff packed in there. I'm not one for having too many pages on my iOS devices. Some of my lesser used Apple apps have been relegated to page two; Notes, Photo Booth, Newsstand and Game Center. To this day, I wish Photo Booth wasn't there at all. I don't like it one bit. The other apps that I do like include:

  • Entertainment folder: This houses my other media focused apps. BBC iPlayer (opens in new tab), TVCatchup (opens in new tab), Apple's Podcasts (opens in new tab) app and Google's pairing of YouTube (opens in new tab) and Chromecast (opens in new tab) all have a place in here. TuneIn Radio (opens in new tab) is the only Internet Radio app I use on any device, on any platform. It's that good.
  • Productivity folder: Not used all the time, but full of essential work related apps that I do call upon from time-to-time. Trello (opens in new tab) is how we're organising a lot of our content production right now, and Numbers (opens in new tab) is there for the occasional need to edit some spreadsheets. Otherwise I'm using: Dropbox (opens in new tab), SkyDrive (opens in new tab), Google Drive (opens in new tab), Quickoffice (opens in new tab) and Readdle's Documents (opens in new tab). Oh, and TextExpander (opens in new tab). Possibly the best productivity tool I've ever come across.
  • Shopping folder: Just the three apps, but it keeps that stuff grouped together. Amazon (opens in new tab), Amazon Local (opens in new tab) and eBay (opens in new tab). Pretty straight forward.
  • Travel folder: Again just the three apps at the moment. If iPad had Passbook there would probably be the British Airways app in here, but alas, that stays only on my iPhone for that purpose (giant boarding passes would be killer, though!) TripIt (opens in new tab) needs little introduction. If you travel a lot, TripIt is an essential. Hooked up to my inbox, I need never go to any other app to look through my travel details. Skyscanner (opens in new tab) is pretty handy for pricing up flights, and App in the Air (opens in new tab) is there because it's my absolute favorite flight tracking app.
  • Games: A few games currently still have a home on my iPad. Despicable Me: Minion Rush (opens in new tab), Riptide GP 2 (opens in new tab) and Castle of Illusion (opens in new tab).
  • Find my iPhone (opens in new tab): I don't want to lose my iPad, but if I ever do i'll be glad this is on here.
  • mSecure (opens in new tab): I use mSecure over 1Password because it has had better support over the years outside the Apple ecosystem, and is a ton cheaper. Not as elegant, but does an equally good job.
  • Eye-Fi (opens in new tab): Primarily because I'm currently reviewing a new Eye-Fi card. I'm not going to say more than that before writing a review!
  • Kindle (opens in new tab): Three reasons for Kindle over iBooks. Price, cross-platform and the fact I've been using it long enough I'm happy not to even consider changing.
  • Air Display 2 (opens in new tab): The Retina iPad mini isn't the greatest device to use for a secondary display for your Mac, but you know what, it's handy to have in a pinch, especially travelling. Air Display is how I do this, and I'm very happy with it.

And that's the lot! Every app I currently use on my Retina iPad mini. I use my iPad very differently to my iPhone, and as such it isn't loaded up as much with apps. Any of these match your own iPad app preferences? Drop us a line in the comments with your own iPad preferred setups!

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  • Nice writeup! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • Fantastic share, Richard.
    I'm a little surprised there wasn't any other racing games. ;D
    I usually steer clear of busy wallpapers but I fell the diagonal lines in the one you're sporting lends itself quite well to not creating "Iconflage". Nice artsy find. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah... where are all the racing games?
  • iPad Air. Which is turned off :P Nah...I deleted RR3 and Ridge Racer from iPad. Far more convenient playing RR3 on my iPhone. It goes everywhere with me!
  • Since the introduction of the 2010 iPad, I've been iPhone at any moment in time far excels my iPad/2/3...even '4'-- pre original 'Mini', the iPhone has been my 'steering wheel'. Mini 1 changed that (through RRIII @ Asphalt 7)---& with the updates to A) guts/SoC as well as B) that incredible display---my 'rMini' is also 'with me' 97.9% of the time my iPhone is ('round the clock;)). It's now my steering wheel. The ONLY use I've found for game center is the iCloud aggregation of your 'gaming' specs, stats, inventory and characters. Like Audiobus to us audio/video (working the 'sound' of the picture) mortgage payees...GC works well for my son, a ten year old that has benefited from this feature extensively switching from my 'hand me downs' as well as his iPod touch updates and the backup of his 'guys'. I'm primarily audio, video as well....extensive coding and photography manipulation 'app heavy' ( we've deployed 16 iPads in our company to this point and the iPad 2s x 10 last year were all donated to the youth home here in town and replaced with rMinis for the crew). That said, employees get 64GB while my wife and I are enjoying the 128s. At the time of purchase I thought it silly, impulsive and ridiculous to have the redundancy.....BUT we're now shooting 1080p/60 and some 2.7/4k 'sped up' motion shots as well as up to 50mb RAW Shots, space fills quick. As does the reason I made this post. Sorry for the tangent but you get the idea of my 'home screen' :-). All audio/video/photo. BUT....DaVinci's book. Elements. And well laid out as well...MacFormat and a couple tertiary subscriptions I'm into with WWII mags can exceed 800mb on a single edition! Elements I use for teaching....2GB. And Asphalt 8 as well as 7. RRIII and another I enjoy, 800mb up to 2 GB! Something to consider while shopping for an iPad and if you HAVEN'T switched to the rMini as your steering wheel....AND you're a race fan at heart (my hobby. Mopar 66-'73 restoration, just finished a RoadRunner:)) as Cris Carter @ ESPN says, "Come on MAN!" :-)) giving ya grief but it literally defines phenomenal. Period!
  • I did the opposite, but I guess the best device for racing is the one you have with you! Sent from the iMore App
  • I thought mobile nations used hangouts for chatting Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • We used it at CES but day-to-day we're sat around the Campfire :)
  • Good article, thx for sharing. Always interesting to see what other users have on their iPad. Two things: - did you try PDF Expert? it's essentially "Documents Pro" from the same devs. you probably know it already but I'd be interested to know why you prefer Documents. I love the latter one but a few weeks ago I made the switch since some of the extra tools and features come in very handily - you do know that you don't need to have the "Find My iPhone/iPad" installed in order to locate it, right? An activated iCloud account on that specific device is sufficient. the app is only needed to track/lock/wipe THAT device from another iOS device. just FYI :)
  • Richard, does SimpleNote allow you offline access to your notes? Sent from the iMore App
  • This is one of my favorite features on the site. Great story and thanks for sharing! Sent from the iMore App
  • Same with me. Phone (N4) has too many apps almost. My Retina Mini only two pages. Most apps I use are tied together. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Interesting share! Regarding Instashare, I have not used it myself but it's interesting that you don't need to pair or register your devices with email/password. I have been using DeskConnect to send files or clipboard text from my iMac to my iPhone and iPad and it works like a charm, plus it is free. It does require registration, however.
  • Yeah no reg required with Instashare. As long as your devices are on the same network you can send between iPad, iPhone and Mac with no trouble :)
  • CityMaps2Go app is really a best offline map, wiki and travel guide :D