Best answer: On! Amazon is terrific because you can read reviews, catch potential sales, and get your BeatsX headphones to you quickly and efficiently.

Amazon: BeatsX headphones ($150)

Amazon is your one-stop shop for a lot of things: including BeatsX headphones!

You can pick up your own pair of BeatsX headphones from Amazon in colors like gray, black, black and red, blue, white, silver, and gold. The best part about Amazon is the ability to see other people's honest reviews on the product, so you're able to make a better decision as to if the BeatsX are right for you. There might also be sales on certain BeatsX colors, giving you a chance to save a little bit of money here and there (and who doesn't like that?)

Or you could buy straight from the source

If you wanted to pick up a pair of BeatsX headphones and perhaps peruse some other headphone options from the company, then it's worth it to grab your headphones at

Grab 'em at Apple!

Another shopping option to keep in mind is grabbing your pair of BeatsX headphones straight from the Apple Store. You can pick up a pair in person or online!

Our pick

BeatsX headphones

Hop onto Amazon and pick up your very own pair of BeatsX headphones!

You'll be able to choose the color of your headphones and buy from a trusted source. What more could you ask for?

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