What you need to know

  • Whitney's Forever Turned Around is now available on Apple Music.
  • The album is the follow-up to 2016's Light Upon the Lake.
  • The band has a track-by-track breakdown of Forever Turned Around on Apple Music.

It's been three years since Whitney first hit the scene with the critically-acclaimed Light Upon the Lake. Now, the Chicago-based band is back with Forever Turned Around, and it's the perfect goodbye to summer.

Available now on Apple Music, Forever Turned Around is a more muted, almost sleepy evolution of the band's indie rock sound. In an interview with Apple Music, Julien Erhlich and Mac Kakacek, who founded the band in 2015, said the new album is meant to focus on their relationship as bandmates.

Forever Turned Around also deals with themes of loneliness, longing, and love. On the song "Used to Be Lonely," Ehrlich sings about finally finding love: "Well it made no sense at all / Until you came along." Every song on the new record is back by fingerpicked guitars and vintage organs, giving Whitney a timeless around.

If you navigate to the record's landing page on Apple Music you'll find a track-by-track guide where Ehrlich and Kakacek reveal the stories behind each song. If you're a fan of Whitney's music, the breakdown is a very insightful look into how a record is created.

With days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, Whitney's Forever Turned Around is the perfect way to embrace the changing seasons. You can listen to it now on Apple Music.

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