Could Missing iPad Apps Reappear as Dashboard Widgets?

Are you checking out the iPad's big, mostly empty Home Screen and wondering where the iPhone's Weather, Stocks, Clock, and Calculator apps have all gone? Are they missing in action, simply unfinished for now, or like Kevin Fox of seems to think, could Apple be planning on turning them into Dashboard-style Widgets?


blockquote>Imagine that a five-finger pinch caused the screen to dim and a bevy of widgets flew in to the screen for quick consumption and calculation, and then were dismissed by another five-finger flick? With props to Entourage, ‘Is that something you might be interested in?’

It is, because we'd not only love to see full fledged widgets on iPad but on iPhone as well. But TiPb asks you this: would you actually prefer a Dashboard-style fly-in-fly-out set of widgets that live separately in their own screen mode, or would you prefer widgets that live on the Lock Screen, or stay put on the Home Screen alongside app icons, similar to how Android does it?

[ via Daring Fireball]

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