macOS Catalina

On Monday, Apple announced macOS Catalina. The newest macOS update, which arrives this fall to the public, offers several new features, including all-new Music, Apple Podcast, and Apple TV apps. Here are the Mac versions that support the new OS:

The following Mac versions will work with macOS Catalina:

  • MacBook (2015 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (2012 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)
  • Mac mini (2012 or newer)
  • iMac (2012 or newer)
  • iMac Pro (2017 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (2013 or newer)

Apple's macOS 10.15 is available as a beta for developers right now. If you're not a developer, you'll be able to download it for free this fall.

If you plan on downloading the developer beta, be smart about it: If you only have a single Mac, make sure you create a partition to run beta software or install on a secondary Mac you don't rely on for everyday use.

The final version — the public version that is no longer in beta — will be available this fall as a free update in the Mac App Store.

Which features are you looking forward to using?

The next macOS version has lots of new features. Which ones are you most excited about seeing?