Withings Activité Pop is very good at hiding all the smarts

It's not always appropriate to broadcast the fact that you're wearing a fitness tracker, especially if your gadget of choice is a bright blue band and you've just stepped into a very important business meeting. Sometimes you need something with a little more style, and the folks at Withings have been pushing in that general direction for a while now. At CES this year, the company is showing off a budget friendly version of their watch that hides just how good it is at tracking your sleep and steps. It's called the Activité Pop, and the biggest feature to this gadget is the massive step down in price from the original. While you lose the classy Swiss design chops, the Activité Pop comes in at $150 instead of $520.

Myriam and John have all the goodies in the video, as well as a more detailed hands on right here, but it's cool to see Withings going all out on the watch design. All too often you hear how our smartwatches don't behave enough like watches, and now there's a functional and relatively inexpensive option for those folks.

Russell Holly

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